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    manechinoThe company "Lorella Albertini" was founded at the beginning of the 90.

    After a decade of designer in the fashion world, learning and learning the basics of a productive and exciting path then later with his sister Manuela will give life to their dream by creating their enterprise all MADE IN ITALY initially with a small production for retail stores to big names in the industry, retail stores and warehouses in Europe and America.

    Today continue the challenge in order to be competitive, hold firmly the reins of a company that has never failed to defend the 100% Made in Italy.

    Lorella draws with all the passion "ATELIER" MOOD collection exclusively for the sale of television station "QVC". Researched and consistent with a message ... convey the true quality.
    "NOLITA S." the last company logo a line of ready to wear young.

    Model Mari '
    Campionarista Tina Caserta
    Location ¬ęParco Antico Fam. Salcedo